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my vision is to truly represent the agenda of the people of my district & fight for their needs daily!


Citizens  in Michigan Are Demanding Change!


Conservative Republicans like myself are standing up to take our rightful places in our government.   Republican women especially,  are leading this charge and there are more women running for these positions  then ever in history.  Business owners, Doctors, Sales and Marketing Specialists and Teachers, like myself,  are leaving their regular day to day jobs to serve their states and country to represent the people and not the special interests groups .In the midst of this shutdown we have discovered that we need to replace many of our current State Representatives with more Conservative leaders who will not follow the governor blindly.   We need leaders who will stand up for our Bill of Rights as well as standing together with our small businesses in Patriotism and love for God, family & our country being our strength of our Union.  We need to come together, support our churches, small businesses and our hospitals as we reopen our state safely.   We need to continue to support our local restaurants and grocery stores in a safe way.  Don’t let the fear cloud our sense of judgment.   We need to continue to be watchdogs of this runaway governor who continues to use fear and not science to keep Michigan locked down.  We need a Republican leader who is not afraid to speak up for our Bill of Rights, for God and old fashioned family values.   We need  to have those conversations about the freedom of religion , our health rights to choose if we want to take a vaccine or not,  and places like Planned Parenthood, whether we should have it open or not.  There are many who are losing their small businesses and are angry that the government is using their tax dollars to keep Planned Parenthood open when we have much better ways to support women’s health.  We need to inspire  the people to elect citizen legislators, such as myself, who will represent the average working class citizens, as well as bring Unity to the State once more. We need balance back on many issues such as reconditioning the current Common Core curriculum to make it more suited for the needs of the students.   Our parents are leaving our district’s public schools because they know their children are not thriving like they should. Since the shutdown ,  we have even more catch up to do.  This is mainly due to the changes in the curriculum that occurred in the last 10 years.  Now, more than ever, we can take this chance given to us to fix this broken education system by electing leaders who are not a part of the problem .  Politicians have had years to fix it and have chosen to do nothing but deny there even is a problem.

Hi. I am Christina Fitchett-Hickson. A  former Flint teacher running for State Representative in Michigan’s 50th district for the Republican party. I believe voters deserve a State Representative  that will truly represent their needs as individual districts. In a crisis like today, we need someone we can trust that will stand up for our rights no matter what is popular.  This includes review of our children’s public education systems as well as their representation of interests in their everyday struggles including affordable car and health insurance. It is time that we go back to the framers of the Constitution’s original intent to represent districts with the people that live and work equally in that community. Not those paid to run by other states as puppets of politicians. The age of the corrupt politician is over!  This overreaction is showing us the true intentions of our Democratic leadership.  This is not to protect  us but rather to control us.  This election is the most important in history this far.  It will determine whether we the people are indeed free to elect our own leaders free from the influence of the ruling class of the years past.  During this new information age with social media, it is now possible to run a grassroots campaign, funded by individual donors such as yourselves, and successfully wi


Politicians Have forgotten Who they Work for  

The voters deserve to elect a public servant who will work for them and beside them taking their voice to Lansing.  I will deliver the results.  I will pass legislation that career politicians are afraid to pass.   Bills like Term Limits, which  I have partnered with Philip Blumel of the National Term Limits, and pledged to support the bill when it comes to me.  My team and I have the plan and resources as well as the connections to make things happen. I also have 15 years teaching and leadership experience to bring a Conservative educator’s perspective into Lansing , bringing balance and unity once more.   It is about time we demand change! I look forward to earning your trust and being your State Representative! Thank you for your continued support. 

Thank you for having a part in this great movement in our history. This election will go down in history. Together we can win back the government for the people, change future campaigning practices forever and bring old fashioned values like Patriotism, God and family back to the United States! Everyone can do their part! No matter how small the donation. Even $5 can add up to buy more yard signs. Together we can run a true grassroots campaign and take your voices to Lansing.