My Vision is..
To truly represent the people of my District and fight for their interests daily!

To fight for
The Constitution
And Trump!

Pro Life
Pro 2nd Amendment
I Support our Veterans
& Trump!

As well as deliver on issues affecting every day Michigan voters such as:

  • Auto insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Clean safe water in every home. ( See news)
  • Lower Electricity prices and a safer cleaner environment
  • Lower taxes and more efficient use of our tax dollars

Auto Insurance in Michigan is the 2nd highest in USA
I have been talking with many of my friends in Lansing and several of my friends running for seats in Michigan and they are very concerned about the rates paid by Michiganders for auto insurance. Chase Turner for example was discussing with me how we are paying for others who don’t have insurance. Wouldn’t it be smarter of Michigan to lower the insurance rates by not requiring so much insurance coverage needed by each insurer and that way everyone can afford to have insurance? More and more people just can’t afford to keep paying so much for insurance and have opted to just risk having no insurance. This is mostly in our District 5 but it is really a problem all of Michigan should address. This needs to be changed and together we can make things happen!

Fix it now and save money!
What ever happened with Flint’s deadly water crisis? Help them get clean water now. Families in Flint can get affordable whole house water filters to improve their homes. Check out my News article and see if Reggie and I can help you have clean safe water in your home at a affordable price.